This is taking a lot of courage, but here it is.

I know you all don’t like personal stuff in the USWNT tag, but… fuck it. I am damn proud of myself. If you don’t want to read this, scroll past please. I promise this will be my only personal post. 

I used to be really overweight. Like 70 pounds overweight. I was not confident, I felt like I had no motivation to work out or even try changing myself for the better. But then I found this team. It was a year ago when I watched them in the 2011 WWC, and ever since then I have been motivated to actually be the person I want to be. 

After a year of eating right and working my ass off in the gym, I can proudly say that I weigh 124 pounds. I actually have muscles. I am confident. I feel good about myself. And it is thanks to the amazing women of the USWNT that I can finally say these things. Thank you. Thank you for being my inspiration. Thank you for setting an example of having a goal and working to achieve. I could honestly not be any more grateful to every single player

Here is a picture that I took today, after finally hitting my goal weight:

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    THIS. This is what this team is about. Inspiring young people everywhere to reach their goals. Showing that dreams do...
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